Monday, June 28, 2010

painting as a child

playful color... it makes no difference to me whether made in nature or made by man... big sweeping sunflowers flowing with the bright colors of yellow... tiny red and black lady bugs dot their petals...

temper paints lined up in front of a large sheet of butcher paper, waiting for their turn for the little round little fingers to dip into their silky hues and produce a finger painting masterpiece.

these were some of my first memories where i recognized the importance of color...
i love the way paint feels on my hands a rainbow of my very own tucked safely under my fingernails...the way a brush full of paint and color moves across the a child i could spend hours lost in the magic of my painting...stories to be told only for me...

i miss those quiet times creating...molding my personality into the artist i have become...i miss being a child and not knowing what may happen or the freedom i felt to dive into such an this summer i will meet my old my paint box...and let my little round fingers explore what it is again to make a finger painting masterpiece...


  1. Carolene. . . this is a beautiful post. I love the photo and your words... I so relate...and I love to photograph sunflowers, ladybugs, and my kids painting!

    So glad we can continue to connect after flying lessons are finished.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogspot!
    ~jodi shaw

  2. Lovely post! Yes the feel of the bush against the paper~ Hope you have a great weekend! Theresa

  3. Hi Carolene! Thanks for stopping by my blog and messaging me on FB! Very lovely blog you have and enjoyed reading your posts. Beautiful artwork! I went to school in Miss. and Arizona with a few art courses here in Dallas. I'm going to check out your FB page, too!.

  4. Wow...what beautiful work! I saw you on Bloggy Moms! Many blessings! I'm following you now! ~Kimberly