Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Lovers

Summer Loving

It’s summer, a grand time to have a grand time having a grand time…
The best part of summer for me is always finding something (NEW) fresh, fun, flirtatious…

First- on the agenda is a summer crush, someone beyond beautiful, whom you will never meet to dream innocently about during those long hot summer nights. Not necessariy the man of your dreams, but the man in your dreams.

2nd) laughter…like the coffee commercial the best part of my day is that unexpected smile that comes from a moment of sheer brilliance when you are caught off guard by the clever muses of another.

Third- food-need I say more…no other time of the year provides such a bounty of the most, supple, divine, beautifully colored foods. Fresh farm picked veggies, homemade breads and berries, each waiting to please your every whim.

4th (Music looking back into your childhood (High school is a good place to start)for the sounds that move your body, stepping back in time can be magic, freedom from being an adult for a short while is divine.

Five -Water I have lived my life on the water, swimming the lakes and rivers of my town, sharing the space with the fishes, hunting for treasure on the rivers beds and sand dunes that cover the coast lines in my home state. Water is where I find peace and solace, floating, diving, and splashing around water fills my soul like no other element on earth.

#1) my summer crush: Benedict Cumberbatch- remember the key requirement here was beautiful. Mr. Cumberbatch is both stunning and kind. An intelligent actor, Benny (Sorry love, my crush my nick name) seems to pick roles with both wit and wisdom. Tall, with striking green eyes that could melt away my bloomers his smile is both wide and curious, I find him to be the perfect summer crush.

#2) Comedies over the radio waves has been my big discovery this summer, for your listening pleasure I bring you Cabin Pressure. Written by John Finnemore
Set in a small airline business, Cabin Pressure is a comedy about the wing and a prayer world of a tiny, one-plane charter airline staffed by two pilots - one on his way down, and one who was never up to start with. Whether they're flying squaddies to Hamburg, metal sheets to Mozambique, transporting lads on a stag night or shifting a panther for the odd oil sheik, no job is too small - but many jobs prove to be too difficult - for MJN Air!

The airline is run by forbidding divorcee Carolyn Knapp-Shappey who, at last, aged 64, is free of her awful husband, but pleasingly not free of his private jet. Her two pilots are the smooth, experienced and almost certainly fired-by-a-big-airline-for-all-round-naughtiness Douglas, and the struggling, almost competent sweaty young captain Martin. General help is provided by Carolyn's dim-witted son Arthur.

Captain Martin Crieff- Played by Benedict Cumberbatch
First Officer- played by Roger Allam
Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, Owner of MJN air- played by Stephanie Cole
Arthur Shappey- dim witted son- played by the (Great) John Finnmore
God Bless them this is the funniest British Comedy ever, you can find it on The British Comedy Guide- homepage under comedy (which is where I found this information)
Buy the DVD’s –best gift ever

3rd Food Alright people this one is on you, feed yourself well, visit your local farmer’s market (we have a great one that happens every wed and sat morning) re-discover a old haunt that is run by a mom and pop team (best food ever). Cook in the kitchen music playing nothing on, but your apron….

4) I can’t start to tell you how much fun it is to dance like its 1999
Twirling around in my living room with my children to the music I danced to at the prom is loads of fun. Their wide eyes and dropped jaws in surprise to my singing (off key) to the remixed songs of my youth. (Mom how do you know that song?) Really…

5) WATER….When I hit the water either at the river or the beach I find a tranquil moment inside myself.
I am whole and in the comfort of nature. The waves sweep along the beach and over my bare feet, toes deep under the sand. The sounds and the smells take over my body, I stand still and look out into the ocean, and for the moment in time I am transported beyond my reality. The rivers where I live are so clear and pure you can see to their bottoms. I place my hand in the water at the river’s edge and wait for tiny fish to swim across it, nibbling at my fingers like little kisses…
These are my Summer Lovers, calling to me playing with me, holding me tight until fall makes her appearance, and I replace flip-flip and shorts for cashmere sweaters and knee high boots. Take stock of who you are and who you want to be and have fun this summer.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves
Yes, we all have them. My own family will testify that I have many, many, many pet peeves of my own.
Here are three I cannot pass by without saying my bit, even if I am only talking to myself.
1) Parents allowing their small children to stand up in a shopping cart.
Explain this to me, we as parents (for the most part) want the children we have.
We conceive them, carry them for nine very, very, very LONG months, then in what can only be described as walking through fire on our hands, PUSH…. these creatures out of our bodies. (Shaking my head in fear as I type)
So, why would you allow this blessing from GOD to stand in a shopping basket… flip out… fall to the floor… be rushed to the hospital and pay a huge bill????
Let’s think on that…shall we

2) Talking on the phone while DRIVING a car, and not using blinkers.
This one is too easy, put the phone down, put your hands on the wheel, use the blinker…it’s the little bar on the left side of the steering wheel that goes up for RIGHT and down for LEFT…
Case closed…

3) Exposing more skin than any human needs to see just to fit your over size butt into a swimsuit.
Here's a good one, if one’s bathroom scale is quivering as you enter the room, it may be an indication that squeezing one’s butt into a two piece swimsuit is not a grand idea. Let’s talk to Jenny about this…