Friday, May 27, 2016

I see who you are

How do we share our lives without exposing all the dark shadows that continue to lurk over our shoulders?  Those creepy people who wormed their way in by be charming, a stinky little chameleon who's colors change to suit their own needs.

Answer: We dig deep down inside and remember WHO we were before them!

               Slowly we back away as if we were facing a rattle snake, back down the path we came, there is NO shame in retreating. My life is no longer your play thing, I see through your transparency, you are a ghost in my past and nothing more.

My sorrow has been eased, my breath is deep and steady. I have learned a valuable life lesson, I'm the one looking in the mirror, I'm the one walking in my shoes and I'm the one NOT locking my life down.

When you change your thinking, You change everything