Wednesday, June 16, 2010

three years to pot roast

i remember as a child spending summers at my grandparents home, some of the most heart warming foods on the planet being plated and set in front of me for dinner...for me, every mouthful was a safety net being carefully wrapped around me holding me in place lost in a moment of time....the foods of my childhood are closely tied to the happiness i feel today.

when i first tried to recreate my grandmothers pot roast i failed, with a great sigh,and mustered the willingness to try again. it took three years and plate after plate of half done meat, raw vegs and soupy stock to master what i know my grandmother would be proud of. (and my family begs for)

chuck roast lightly flour and brazed in veg oil
two cans of del monte diced tomatoes-garlic and onion
slow cook for 1 hour-add
salt and pepper
a bit of water to cover and simmer for three to four hours

warm bread and three years to pot grandparents are always with me.


  1. Food and art are similar~ It takes love and patience to get it right. I can't wait to see what your cooking up next! ~Theresa

  2. love your's a good read...stop by and say hi...