Monday, June 21, 2010

surfing the unknown

there are days i feel brave...that surfing into the unknown wearing only a wetsuit and carrying only my surfboard will carry me across the waves into the ocean... into the was such a day...i started looking into products i will need to start my art business...scanners, printer, color pencils in every huge...bright oranges and blues... shades of golden yellow so soft one can hardly see their effects a pond the page...i love art supplies...brushes to fill with thick rich paints...drawing pads with their glossy cream colored pages waiting for the charcoal of my green handle pencil to approach laying the first soft strokes of an outline...

this part is easy... shopping is easy... i have been drawing and painting for so many years it really comes quit natural to's the show case of works that may take some time...comfort in others eyes...

i must be fearless if only for myself...i must paddle my surfboard through the waves turn...mount...and stand on top my board...feeling the rocking of the water under me... it's coolness lapping my feet i will watch for the shoreline...slowing riding back towards the sandy beach...into the unknown.

my mermaid
mixed art hand painted on canvas

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  1. She is beautiful!
    It would make a great logo for you on your facebookpage!
    Yep I went there and liked you and added your page to my favorite pages on facebook..

    You need a few more people to like you so you can then have the shorter URL on facebook.
    I just made the 25 people needed last night.. Now to go found out how I get my shorter URL from facebook!

    Take care fellow flyer!