Thursday, March 8, 2012

What do you do when the children are at school, you have taken your morning walk through the park, the house is in order,there are no lunch dates on your schedule for the day? Start a home business... The Bird and the Pumpkin... Story Boxes are painted with expression, enchantment and a bit of mischief. These colorful boxes are a perfect hiding place for your own written wishes,thoughts and dreams.
Created by folk artist Carolene Brannam, her painted story boxes seem to come to life and become more than just a hideaway for your secret trinkets; each charming box has its own identity...... These Ghouls, Mermaids and Sweet Treats have an ancestral lineage, each one carrying with theme their family's history concealed in a story, these written documents can be found underneath their Story Box lid...
Email- me pricing information, shipping and box size..... I would love to custom paint a Story Box ...for you
Look for my shop on Etsy soon.....The Bird and the Pumpkin...


  1. Oh fun ~ love your painted boxes ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) and blog frog ^_^

    1. Thank you just starting out...loads of fun...and work...have a good day