Monday, March 19, 2012

What I love the most about Texas is the way the weather can change on a dime... Our cool mornings may lead the way into warm afternoons or even a passing thunder storm... you have to live here to understand that a good pair of rain boots are a must have, they simple sit next to the countless pairs of flip-flops a Texas girl keeps in her closet....
Example....This morning the air was cool and the breeze soft...blowing the trees around just enough that the first flowering buds left their limbs to sail through the air like tiny kites.....Tonight I will bring out the candles and the flashlights one for each girl...we will sit upstairs and watch the light show as it passes overhead, lighting up the house for one bright second before dropping us back into the dark...we will smile at each other and scream a little bit as the thunder claps, announcing the onset of the RAIN RAIN RAIN...All to soon the storm will pass and we will snuggle down into our beds to awake to another bright Texas morning.

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