Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hello Dear Friends,

An expedition, walk, fly, tour, trek, junket, voyage, sail, cruise, road trip, these call to action words describe this fabulous word-Journey: a beginning without regard to the amount of time it takes.

 To makes one way.
Friends, I have to say that changing my lifestyle as been an exhausting roller coaster ride. Going from organzines as a young single woman too, just let it be, kids are messy as a mom, I'm too tired to fight this mess anymore as a divorcee and back to organzine and this surprising wonderful feeling of letting go.

Letting go of the clutter, letting go of the soul eating possessions that no longer have any meaning in my life and no longer service a purpose, but most of all letting go of the pain.

Once I started to remove the harsh ways of thinking about my past the ah-ha moment sparked and allowed me to set a course moving forward with grace and patience making my way

We are all phenomenal souls, telling our own stories


  1. Amazing how clearing clutter produces an amount of clarity in ones life. Only then can you truly move forward and not backwards or stay in the same place... The most obvious example is how nice it looks on the outside, the not so obvious one is how great it makes you feel on the inside...