Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves
Yes, we all have them. My own family will testify that I have many, many, many pet peeves of my own.
Here are three I cannot pass by without saying my bit, even if I am only talking to myself.
1) Parents allowing their small children to stand up in a shopping cart.
Explain this to me, we as parents (for the most part) want the children we have.
We conceive them, carry them for nine very, very, very LONG months, then in what can only be described as walking through fire on our hands, PUSH…. these creatures out of our bodies. (Shaking my head in fear as I type)
So, why would you allow this blessing from GOD to stand in a shopping basket… flip out… fall to the floor… be rushed to the hospital and pay a huge bill????
Let’s think on that…shall we

2) Talking on the phone while DRIVING a car, and not using blinkers.
This one is too easy, put the phone down, put your hands on the wheel, use the blinker…it’s the little bar on the left side of the steering wheel that goes up for RIGHT and down for LEFT…
Case closed…

3) Exposing more skin than any human needs to see just to fit your over size butt into a swimsuit.
Here's a good one, if one’s bathroom scale is quivering as you enter the room, it may be an indication that squeezing one’s butt into a two piece swimsuit is not a grand idea. Let’s talk to Jenny about this…

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  1. Hmmmmm, Pet peeves. Parents who have no control over their offspring and allow them to act horrible. Screaming children in restaurants just irks me no end.